Festivals in the Month of May/Maggio

We have just celebrated La Festa Della Mamma with lots of conversations about how belle  e brave all our mums are. The Foundation students completed a note saying  Mamma, ti voglio tanto bene  but the rest of the students went on with their programs. The 1/2s are learning about the body and the senses, the 3/4s are reviewing grammar and vocabulary through the Muzzy Program and the 5/6s are working on individual projects about a region, city or state within Italy. Next week we are celebrating Education Week, so please pop into the Italian Room if you have the time. You will be Benvenuti!

If, however, you find yourself in Italy during the fine month of Maggio there are many festivities happening throughout the country. Those passionate about cycling can follow the Giro d’Italia which, surprisingly, starts in Israel on May 4. The riders then go to Sicily and, in one of the stages, ascend the slope of Mt Etna. The race ends with a punishing ride up the Gran Sasso in the region of Abruzzo. Car enthusiasts can cheer on the drivers participating in the Mille Miglia (1000 miles) car rally around Italy.

Other festivals include a famous music festival in Firenze, a Race of the Candles in Gubbio, an amazing festival celebrating flower petal art in Noto, Sicily, and a Palio (historic horse race) in Ferrara – and these are just a few of the festivities on offer in May. Whatever the festival though, you can be assured of many medieval and renaissance spettacoli (shows) with people dressed in period costumes, flag-waving displays, processions, concerts and feasting. Enjoy!

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